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BPT Partners, LLC 

BPT Partners is a leading provider of CRM research, training and education. The company delivers current, compelling information and insight to organizations and their professionals who are engaged in identifying, satisfying, servicing and retaining customers.
CRM Certification 
BPT Partners offers CRM Certification Courses in Applied CRM Strategy to sales, marketing, customer care and services professionals. These courses enable professionals to:
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  • Create customer driven strategies that improve long-term customer equity and shareholder value
  • Identify, acquire, service and grow profitable customers
  • Deploy a set of 'best practices' for evaluating and implementing CRM process and technology innovation
  • Design and optimize the customer experience that delivers the maximum value for value received
  • Create organizational strategies and action plans that enable CRM success .

The Sales Lead Management Association has the mission of helping companies become more successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads.  Their website is chock-full of white papers, articles, book reviews and more - all good stuff for the practicing sales manager who's concerned about demand generation and for the professor who wants info on current best practices. Visit
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